Change accelerators
Paris - Geneva - Moscow

Developing managerial or interpersonal skills

   Questioning practices and redefining priorities

   Reinforcing impact and ability to influence

   Transforming communication and relations with others

   Reaching a new level of performance

Improving collective performance

   Mobilising around a shared vision

   Developing team cohesion and maturity

   Optimising operating methods

   Bringing out new solutions

Interrogating the leader's strategic approach

   Understanding solitude, doubts and questions

   Thinking about added value

   Adjusting behaviour and communication

   Being able to transmit the strategic vision

Supporting organisational transitions

   Building together to support an ambition or a transition

   Identifying parallel processes and resistance to change

   Successfully implementing a strategic action

   Developing the organisation's resilience and capacity to adapt

Daring to change

   Making the fundamental mechanisms of change easier to understand

   Supporting managers in the shared construction and the supervision of change

   Transforming aspirations into operational realities

   Deploying agile approaches to change

To support the key roles in the company in defining their own models of excellence and implementing their individual and collective transformation projects to achieve long-term performance

Individual coaching

Team coaching

CEO coaching

Organisation coaching

Change Management

Team building